Project Critique: Emily Ritchie’s Website for the Ngalangiil Ngarandhii Trade Training Centre.

Emily’s project began as a chance to expand her marketing portfolio and offer her services as a social media consultant and operate social media pages for small businesses. Through this, she was offered the opportunity to work on a website for Champagnat Catholic College and help the school develop a stronger online presence, especially in regards to providing information about their trade training centre.

Emily was presented with the brief of creating a website specifically targeting current students and parents as well as potential enrolments to help them understand more about the Ngalangiil Ngarandhii Trade Training Centre. She interpreted this and then had the aims to “create an aesthetically pleasing website for Champagnat Catholic College’s trade training centre that includes all information on the centre and has a clean and easy to follow layout”. This is a clear and logical interpretation of the brief.

Applying marketing strategies to help develop the website and its audience, Emily identified SEO (search engine optimisation) as a useful tool and found that the platform in which she was building the school’s site, Wix, allows user to manage a websites SEO whilst editing and so she customised the website page titles for greater response when searched for in Google. I think this is a smart move by Emily as it increases the amount of visitors to the website and brings about a wider audience. It also allows to the site to appear close to the top during related searches so it creates an ease in availability for those actually searching for the school and the trade training centre.

To also compliment the use of SEO, Emily is using the analytics tool ‘Web-stat’, which is available on the Wix app marketing and the one she says is “the best free app for what she wants” due to the following reasons:

  • Allows administration to see the amount of visitors in real time
  • Allows administration to see ‘maps’ – countries where visitors are from
  • Page view statistics
  • Click path reports – average path followed by visitors

To gage audience habits and interactions, having this is highly important and can reveal the weaknesses in the website such as which areas of the site are not visited as frequently or which pages have a short visitation time. Emily’s use of this app is warranted and will help her ascertain how to improve the site to better adhere to the wants of the client.

The website which Emily has created is highly effective aesthetically in that it is simple and easy to navigate, clearly explains the who, what, where, and why of the school, has relevant page menus and successfully uses colours and images to align with the school’s image.

Emily has been developing this website for the past month and is already aware of areas that need growth. She has identified a Business Directory as her next addition to the website and this will include all the businesses which have links and partnerships with the trade training centre. Her aims with this are to offer free advertising for the businesses which will encourage more partnerships from other businesses and also add credibility to the courses offered as established businesses are supporting them.

In her Beta Presentation, Emily expressed that she has been in constant contact with the school and those in charge of directing her via email but because she is unable to work with them face to face on a regular basis, the extra time spent on waiting for replies hinders the speed that change can be implemented. To help combat this, she could try and organise one day a week where she could have a face to face/phone call/skype call meeting with her supervisor to have a weekly WIP (work in progress) meeting and get feedback and get given any other additional information relevant.

For the future, Emily should request from the school some funding to pay for a proper domain handle as its current URL ( contains ‘Wix’ which is unrelated to the school and the trade training centre and it will also make the website URL easier to find and remember. She should also pay and get the website upgraded to premium and to remove all the Wix bars on the website to make the page look more professional.

Her next step would be to also take on the school’s official website and design it to align with the same aesthetic and overall consolidate the schools branding as a whole.

Here is Emily’s website!


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