Drones for Dummies

My research project focuses on citizen use of drones as a hobby, how they are regulated and how regulations have impacted usage in Australia.

I will present my finding via a digital artifact – a series of infographic posters – as my intentions are to educate every day users of their limits, I think an infographic would be clear, direct and also visually engaging compared to a textual body of some sort. At minimum there will be 3 but I think realistically there will be 6-8 posters.

There are 3 main themes in my research;

  1. What is a drone?
  • I will begin by describing and defining what a drone is, differentiating hobby models from the military vehicles, some uses for drones and also where to purchase them.
  1. Drones: Commercial vs Civil/Hobby
  • Here I will differentiate between Commercial and Hobby drones. I will compare and contrast between different kinds of models used for each and also how the uses for them vary.
  • I will also define the legalities of each kind, the restrictions imposed on them and how they differ from each other.
  • It is interesting to note that the importance of regulation abidance and restrictions is honestly hard to miss with even drone retailer websites having headings and links which direct you to relevant pages such as regulations and how to obtain certification.
  • I will also take time in this part to introduce CASA, what it does and how it is vital to know what it is before engaging in any drone related activities.
  1. Effects of laws and regulations on Hobby drone usage
  • In this sections I will talk about how the rules and regulations of UAV activities has impacted on hobbyists and hopefully include statistics on the percentage of people getting fined etc.
  • I will also include opinions such as those expressed on forums, note whether they are positive or negative and how it has led to the formation of user generated groups such as ‘Small UAV Coalition’ and ‘Model Aeronautical Association of Australia’.


On a side note, unrelated to my project – I found a super interesting article published just last month detailing of how Australia Post will being trialing drone delivery of online shopping with a large focus on rural and regional areas. Some issues of concern were addressed by Australia Post “stressing that safety was its priority and its drone had a parachute, lights and siren to warn people if they got too close.” The organisations also said that it would require customers to specifically agree to receiving drone delivered parcels to avoid privacy concerns.



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