Reflections on my writing


Despite maintaining this blog for academic university purposes for the past two years, it was only until about three months ago when I was applying for internships did I fully realise that this blog was an extension of my thoughts and a portfolio of my writings. During a couple of interviews they asked if I had any writing experience and at first I freaked out because this would be my first internship, I have no experience in anything what so ever! But then I realised ‘oh, my entire degree is about writing’…I confidently gave them my WordPress URL knowing that my blogs had academic backing, showed off my strong communication skills and demonstrated my ability to engage a reader through text. After these experiences I realised that literally anyone, anywhere was able to access my blog. I was willingly publishing my writing in the public sphere that is the internet and it didn’t dawn on me until two years after I began.

Due to this realisation I gained a greater awareness of audience, I was more conscious of my writing and how I portrayed myself. I read Mikel’s (2015) article which gave me helpful tips to refine my tone of voice and improve my writing. I learnt which mistakes are commonly made and which phrases to best avoid because they unnecessarily drag your writing on. My aim in improving my writing was to build audience relatability and a sense of being on the same level. I wanted my audiences to connect with my writing because they understand where I was coming from and create a colloquial voice as opposed to an academic one. This saw my writing undertake the transition from referencing the weekly lectures and using university specific terms to the use of real life examples and terms which anyone outside of the BCM240 realm could understand and relate to.

The exercise of blogging has aided in building my research skills. Three months on, I have successfully completed my first internship and a lot of my time was spent researching. I found that researching for blogs has enable me to find my researching groove and have now developed a certain technique which I find to be quick, efficient and also thorough. Also due to the amount of weekly topics which need further information, the task of researching is no longer a laborious drawn out task and I now know how to deconstruct exactly what I need to do.

Blogging is not my favourite task but upon commencement I grew to enjoy it due to the topics which required covering. Not only did the topics have real life applications but they also were common concepts which we often don’t think about in everyday life and to become aware of them and analyse them in a social situation is quite interesting. Having gone through the process of writing in a public arena, it is apparent now that it is a rewarding challenge.  It has taught me how to project my writing voice, refine my research skills and about everyday notions which exist but are not often highlighted. It has been a process of writing growth, time management and interactivity. The task of blogging has taught me the importance of the online sphere, public awareness and how media, audience and place are intertwined to create a networked society.


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