Are you an Apple or Android kinda person?

oUgksfU - Imgur

Mobile devices are the backbone to continuous accessibility and connectivity across the globe and they only aid in the proliferation of information networks through platforms such as the internet. A source of great debate is between whether the Apple iOS or Android mobile operating systems and devices are superior and how the characteristics and implications of the open and closed networks impact users.

This is a comparison of the closed “walled garden” approach of Apple and the open source software of Android whereby both possess strengths and weaknesses.

Apple has a closed sourced operating system where there is no real possibility of making a new operating system from it or customising it. On iOS, you can only install applications from Apple’s App Store. If Apple doesn’t want to approve an app or they remove it from the app store, you just can’t use it. Downloading unapproved apps require jailbreaking, which is a headache.

 Androids on the other hand have an open source operating system where by people can take that source code and create custom operating systems from it. On Android, you can install apps from “unknown sources” and this allows you to install applications from outside Google Play, which is Google’s app store. Even if Google doesn’t approve of an app, you can install it from elsewhere. Google is also less restrictive about apps in their own app store.

For most people, it honestly doesn’t matter much. iOS is offering more and more flexibility with each passing version. Google’s Android isn’t a completely open platform. On the other hand, if you’re someone who wants to customize every little thing about your device, tweaking low-level things, and installing random apps Apple may not approve of, an Android phone is still a more flexible platform for that.


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