My small networked home…

My small networked home…

I can still vividly remember being 10 years old and running with my best friend to her house after school to play the Sims. We would have to ask her parents to use the computer and then sit there and listen to the wails and beeps of the computer as the dial up started. We then had to insert the CD and we ended up using the cheat codes anyway (rosebud gives you the dollars $$$). 10 years later and I no longer have those problems, still playing the Sims but from an instant internet download rather than a CD and instantly being connected to the internet through wifi.

This memory also reminded me of my family’s technological past and how we grew from having one immobile computer and monitor setup to now having my own laptop and a smart TV which serves the function of a computer. Speaking again to my father about our household, our internet service is connected to his business internet plan which is also connected to our home phone line so it is cheaper. Unfortunately we are not yet connected to the NBN we soon will be as my suburb has the capabilities. My parents are not tech savy in any way, my mum doesn’t even own a mobile and doesn’t know how to use a computer (to my frustration as I have to sit next to her to navigate). My dad only recently got my old phone so he’s only 2 years behind in smart phone models and thank heavens he knows the basic functions of a computer.

The reason my parents are so late to the tech-party is because they have no need for them. My dad explains how computers are vital to the function of their business but they only use certain programs, they never browse YouTube or social media because none of their friends do so who would they connect with? He claims that 80% of our internet bill is used by me, oops! Our networked home is quite limited with only my laptop and mobile, the family smart TV and my dad’s phone connecting to the internet.


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