When I found out that maintaining a blog was required for this course I cried a little inside. I’m more of a listener than a speaker and this is because I generally am not strongly opinionated; especially when it comes to intellectual issues. Due to the fact that I am on the fence 9/10 times, I don’t deem anything I say to be that valuable or provide much input so I find discussing them difficult and especially in a public environment where anyone can respond back and judge what I have to say. To this day I still heavily dislike blogging and voicing my opinion purely because of this but I do understand the merit and reasoning behind this task; for people to voice and discuss their learnings and opinions in the mediated public sphere that is WordPress.

The media and especially the internet, magazines and newspapers are a very large component in my world and now having learnt of the intricacies of media effects and the influence it has over audiences, the science semiotics and its relationship with connotations and denotations, ownership and control, the discussion held in the public sphere and media theories such as moral panic, I no longer just mindlessly accept what I am fed. I find myself subconsciously analysing advertisements and articles, questioning what my news sources are and critically thinking about how everyday behaviour is influenced by the media.

None of the issues raised over the past six weeks has been ‘new’ to me as perse due to the fact that I already had a foundational understanding but without being provoked by this course to think deeper about certain things in particular ways, I wouldn’t have the depth and breadth of knowledge about the topics as I do now.


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