Open or closed, you decide!

Despite being part of generation Y I am technologically ignorant and was not aware of the how polar the Apple and Android worlds truly are. Being an android user (unintentionally due to plan rates etc.) and only ever receiving the Apple experiencing through my one and only iPod, I never knew of the concepts of locked appliances vs. generative platforms, the controlled vs. the free and open. Mobile phones are no longer restricted to making phone calls; they have evolved and now include what are considered ‘basic’ functions such as cameras, the ability to run internet servers and applications for entertainment.

These abilities come about due to digital citizenship and participation by users and the audience. Users are being prosumers and have the ability to produce as well as consume and this is quite evident in the android market. New applications, tools and software are being created everyday by people all over the world and so this open market has been a driving force behind globalisation. These advances also give rise to much tension and conflict about the ideologies and permissions in its design, production and use.

A rift in society caused by the use of the application Instagram is that people’s privacy and content ownership are put into question as once something is posted; it then becomes Instagram’s property. A sect in society have found that the global use of Instagram has undermined professional photographers as anyone now is able to shoot, edit and post images. It is a new language for photographers as it is no longer about technique and equipment but rather the story and the message portrayed.

A free market also opens doors to more scams and in April 2012 cybercriminals released a ‘clone’ site of Instagram where downloaders were infected by the Android app which sent SMS messages to premium services and enormous bills were incurred. This was designed to make money from unsuspecting users.

Locked and generative appliances both have negatives and positives but it is up to you as the user to decide which is best suited to your needs.



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