The Medium is the Message

At the end of 2010, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger launched the photo and video sharing application known as Instagram which now has 150 million active users every month and more than 75 million daily users.

Due to the vanity and greed of society, the message of Instagram has evolved from a platform to simply share photos with friends to a space where people post photos trying to show off the best aspects of their lives. This leads to jealousy and competition which has produced a litter of ‘instafamous’ people who accrued followers purely based on the way they portray their lives through the photos they post and not because they are friends who are genuinely interested.

Companies (especially in the fashion industry) have utilised this platform for marketing purposes and have used these people with large numbers of followers to promote their products alongside their own active accounts. Social Media marketers are very smart in the way they use Instagram as it is a very cheap way to market products compared to heavily saturating marketing campaigns. For example, the inclusion of customer images is very effective as this creates a connection by making them feel special and valued.

Instagram is also a leader in the fashion industry with many brands finding life through it. The women’s swimwear label Triangl was founded by Erin Deering and fiancé Craig Ellis in 2012. They found a gap in the market in which their moderately priced fashionable and quality swimwear could fill. They launched this venture on Instagram and as a result of the boom they experienced the couple moved to Hong Kong to be closer to the manufacturing process. This is only one of many successful business ventures where Instagram was highly instrumental and it is also only the beginning as the business sector continues to adapt to social media.

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